Saturday, May 12, 2018


Ya'll gonna love this pile of horse scat....the University of Florida qualifies for the National Championship Tournament, wins 3rd place taking home the trophy to prove it, loses only one game by one goal to the eventual National Champion, UF Coach Katie Larson is awarded Coach of the Tournament, but in the end, they're voted 4th in the final poll? And to top it off, a California team is undeservedly voted into their rightly earned 3rd place spot.....but it doesn't end there, they are tied for 4th place in the final poll with guess who....yep, another California school.

Also, let's not forget to mention that UCLA who somehow was voted over the Gators for 3rd place failed to qualify for the National Championship Tourney.

Tell me this CWPA, what's the point of having a tournament if in the end it means nothing?

Yet another example of California screwing the East Coast. It all starts the first time you register with USA Water Polo and doesn't end until you stop playing water polo. Get used to it East Coast.

The 2018 Women’s National Collegiate Club season draws to a close with National Champion the University of California-Davis topping the Week 14/May 10/Final Women’s National Collegiate Club Top 20 Poll rankings.
California Polytechnic State University (95 points) remains at No. 2 after falling in the National Championship title game to the Aggies, while the University of California-Los Angeles (87 points) claims sole custody of the No. 3 spot.
The University of Florida (84 points) and the University of California (84 points) wrap-up the year tied at No. 4, while Lindenwood University (72 points) and the University of California-San Diego (68 points) improve upon their prior positions to rate at No. 6 and 7, respectively.
The University of California-Santa Barbara (66 points), The Ohio State University (60 points) and the University of Washington (54 points) conclude the Top 10.
The University of California-Santa Cruz (48 points), previously unranked Boston College (44 points), the University of Oregon (41 points), Pennsylvania State University (31 points) and San Diego State University (29 points) stand at No. 11-to-15, while the quintet of the University of Michigan (25 points), the University of Notre Dame (13 points), the University of Southern California (10 points), Grand Valley State University (9 points) and previously unranked Cornell University (7 points) account for the remainder of the final Top 20 in 2018 by holding down the No. 16-to-20 spots.

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