Sunday, April 22, 2018

2018 SoFlo Water Polo Blog Awards


Broward County All Freshman Team & Players of the Year:

All Broward County & Players of the Year:

Dade & Palm Beach Players of the Year:

All Tri-County & Players of the Year:

*** Explanation about freshman awards. There are 2 major components needed for an annual freshmen team & players of the year. 

1) A solid freshman class contributing to their varsity squads. 

2) Two outstanding freshman players (girl & boy) who stand out above all for players of the year.

The freshman awards are so elusive they've only been given out once previously in 2013.

**** 2017 Awards:


  1. Replies
    1. Decent player but not enough votes from the coaches, referees & wp aficionados I poll. Plus zero participation from WA as far as promoting him or the school program itself.

    2. Politics...Did pretty well in Regional semi.hmmm

    3. Fairly broad statement there Dave. Feel free to be more specific and I'd be happy to debate this if need be.

    4. No Politics Here: Complete non factor in Regional Championship game. Sometimes it's school connections to newspapers that get you on all county teams.....That's Politics.