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Homemade Italian Sopressata


For the Sopressata:

  • 1 Pork Leg (prosciutto leg)
  • sea salt
  • sopressata casings
  • hot pepper (powder and flakes)
  • black pepper kernels


  1. Casings Preparation: Before you begin you need to buy from your butcher the casings for the sopressata. The casings will be given to you stored in salt. They need to be cut in lengths of about 10-12 inches. washed well under cold running water and put in a bucket of fresh water and peels of orange or lemon for about two days (store in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them).
  2. Remove all the meat from the pork leg (this is the same leg that can be used to make prosciutto). Obtain all the meat and discard all the fat. Cut the meat in small chunks.
  3. Grind the meat with a meat grinder. You want to use an adapter that will give larger chunks of meat compared to the usual ground meat.
  4. The only MUST seasoning is SALT. Dosage: 25 Grams (.88 Oz ) per 1 Kilogram ( 2.2 Lbs ) of ground meat. All the other seasonings: hot pepper (powder and flakes) and black pepper kernels use as desired. We use all 3 in equal amounts.
  5. To check the level of seasoning, saute` a little meat and taste. If necessary add more seasonings.
  6. Reverse the casings inside out. You want the external part of the casing to be in contact with the meat. Tie one end of each casing with cotton twine, puncture a few small holes with a needle and fill with meat using a sausage machine and tie the other end.
  7. Your sopressate are now all done and ready to be cured. Hang them in a cold  and well ventilated room for 1 week for the skin to dry. After 1 week, lay them  down on a wood board, cover completely with another wood board and put a weight (about 70-80 lbs) on the top board to put pressure on the sopressate. After 48 hours, remove and hang again to complete the curing process for another 3 weeks. Toward the end of the process you want to check on the hardness as it may take a few less or extra days depending on climate, size of the sopressate, etc.
  8. Once cured, the sopressate must be stored in a cool part of the house in a bucket and completely covered with oil (vegetable oil is fine) or in vacuum sealed bags.

Laci Update

Laszio Gyori (r) with fellow refs at Capistrano Valley High.

Venice Completes First Tourney

 Venice High School Boys' and Girls' Water Polo at the FHSAA Lake Nona Invitational - The Indian's first water polo tournament! Each had 4 games: vs. Haggerty HS, Boca Raton HS, Lake Brantley HS and Bishop Moore HS. 

The Tepee

Jolyn Atlantic...

Lake Highland Preparatory School

Coral Springs, Florida

Naples, Fl.

Fernandina Beach, Fl.


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Miami Country Day girls soccer team Friday night at the State Championship semi-finals during the National Anthem.


Former Water Polo Player & Current Olympian Brita Sigourney

As an Olympian, three-time X Games medalist and the first woman to land a 1080 in a competition halfpipe run, Brita Sigourney is one of the top female freeskiers in the world. She has battled and overcome multiple injuries throughout her career to return to the top of the game each time. 
After a long road to Sochi that included two consecutive years of season-ending injuries, Sigourney jumped back on the competition circuit just in time to qualify for the inaugural U.S. Olympic halfpipe team. Sigourney kicked off the Olympic qualifying series by landing on the podium for the first two events, including a win at the Copper Grand Prix. On her 24th birthday, Sigourney became the second U.S. woman to secure an Olympic halfpipe spot during the Park City Grand Prix. During the Olympics, she skied strong in the qualifiers, placed second and advanced to finals, finishing sixth in halfpipe skiing’s debut on the Olympic stage. 
Sigourney, who hails from the quaint, coastal town of Carmel, CA, grew up skiing Alpine Meadows in Tahoe. She skied practically everything -- moguls, aerials, halfpipe, slopestyle etc. She calls fromer moguls Olympian Shannon Barhke one of her biggest role models and credits her coach, the late Clay Beck, with teaching her flairs (she was one of the first women to throw them in competition runs). 
While attending UC Davis, Sigourney balanced her busy collegiate life with club water polo and her ski competition schedule before she realized her passion was skiing. She then dropped water polo and positioned her focus on halfpipe, where in her first full competition year she took home the Junior World Championship title and a silver medal at the U.S. Championships. She continued her hot streak in 2011 with a silver in her X Games halfpipe debut. Her 2012 season proved just as successful with a bronze at her second X Games and two wins at the Visa U.S. Grand Prix at Copper and Mammoth Mountain.
Sigourney suffered a knee injury in 2012 and immediately turned her focus to recovery. She recovered enough to win the Dew Tour in December 2012 but then broke her collarbone and injured her shoulder at the Sochi test event World Cup in February 2013. After undergoing surgery for her shoulder, she learned she had also reinjured her knee. Despite the bad news she was optimistic and dedicated enough to get strong again before the historic Olympic season.
She came back strong in 2015, earning a second X Games bronze medal in Aspen and also hitting the podium in third at the SFR Freestyle Tour. Injury free, she had an excellent 2016 season as well, scoring a multitude of top-ten finishes, including a third-place podium finish at the Dew Tour.  
Sigourney's parents stuck her on skis as soon as she could walk. Even though it was a five-hour drive from her home, she spent a good amount of her life in the mountains of Tahoe. She caught the bug early and was obsessed from the start, joining the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team when she was eight, a move that would eventually introduce Sigourney to her domain: the halfpipe.
This California girl has a love of traveling, everything outdoors and, of course, the beach. She also enjoys quality time with family when not traveling around to competitions. She comes from a family of teachers--both of her parents and her brother are teachers. Nearly finished with a degree in graphic design, Sigourney is attending classes at Westminster College in Salt Lake City while she focuses on her skiing career. 

Coach Mike's Thank You

"The 16th South Florida International Tournament is in the books. 

That was another great event organized and hosted by our club.

I want to thank all of our parents who volunteered an incredible amount of hours to make this happened. To all of our athletes who not only competed but also worked the numerous positions before, in between and after their games.
Our athletes and their parents are the backbone of our success.

They are the reason this event is still alive and hopefully will be alive for many years to come.

They are the reason teams from other states and countries have our event on their annual calendar.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Michael Goldenberg

Push Through....'s only a scratch 

More SFWPC Girls - 2018 International

Emma, I don't think Coach Paloma speaks Italian.

The Pensive Hoffmeister Girl

SFWPC Girls @2018 International

w/Coach Paloma

photo: M. Leto

Snow Queen

Giulia Badoco
South Broward High
All Broward County WP Team

For The Irish In You...

When you see other teams not wearing MTS gear...

This Logo Guarantees Quality

Cleveland Water Polo Club

VIDEO: Classic dry-land toss with weighted ball


Guys, can't decide on a college to attend?

14 to 1
Hartwick Women
(no men's wp though)

Barcelona 2018

Carnegie Mellon University Spring Tourney

VIDEO: Best Goals From LEN Championships

Sofia Carrera-Justiz hammers in 5 vs. Villanova

PRINCETON, N.J. – Junior attacker Kristen Hong scored four times and aided three more goals as the No. 21-ranked Harvard University women’s water polo team defeated Villanova University, 18-12, at the Princeton University Invitational.
Sophomore Sofia Carrera-Justiz (Ransom-Everglades) added five goals and an assist to complete the event with 17 points (12 goals, five assists), while freshman Quinne Pursell registered her first collegiate hat trick to help the Crimson improve to 5-3 on the year.
Four players recorded hat tricks for the Crimson as Hong (four goals, three assists), Carrera-Justiz (five goals, one assist), Mathilde Ribordy (three goals, one assist) and Pursell (three goals, one assist) combined for account for 15 scores.
Junior goaltender Sam Acker posted nine saves through three quarters, adding four assists and a pair of steals. Senior Cleo Harrington made four stops in the fourth.
Junior Haley Bowe matched her career-high in steals (three) and assists (two). Freshman Jilly Cronin recorded her first collegiate assist on Harvard’s 11th goal.
Harvard needed to comeback in the game as the Wildcats got on the board first, but Ribordy put Crimson on the board and the Crimson scored four straight to gain control.
Leading 5-3 after the first quarter, Harvard opened the second with a five-goal onslaught. Ribordy, Pursell, and Carrera-Justiz each posted two goals in the second to give the Crimson an 11-6 advantage at the half.
Villanova outscored Harvard, 2-1, in the third, and eventually pulled within three, 14-11, in the fourth. However, a six-goal final frame from Harvard proved too much for the Wildcats.
Release courtesy Harvard University Athletics Communications

Happy Birthday Adrian

Bucharest, Romania
Orlando Fl.
Romanian National Team Goalie
Masters Competitor 

Leto Gals & A Few Others....

@2018 SFWPC International