Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mobility Work Video for Water Polo Players

This conditioning workout is designed to take about an hour. Total time depends on your current fitness level and how quickly you can perform each set.


Stretch and/or mobility: VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/175322657

You need to include some mobility work in your pre-practice and pre-game warm-up to prevent injuries and to make sure your body is ready to go all out.


  • 200 free
  • 100 breast/back
  • 100 eggbeater (hit all directions)
  • 75 bunny hop/Chair
    • 25 yards bunny hop left, right, forward,
    • Forward for the chair. You can add other directions if you want.
A bunny hop is just a vertical breaststroke kick. Make sure to hit forward, left, and right as part of the 75 bunny hop.
The chair is your bring your legs, hips, and feet underneath you like you are sitting upright in a school chair. You are only sculling to keep you up and to move forward.
This is just a recommended warm-up. Add or remove what you need to get yourself ready for a workout.

12 x 25-yard Sprints

6 x 25 on 10 seconds rest
  • Four strokes head-up freestyle to a two handed lunge overhead.
6 x 25 on 10 seconds rest
  • Four strokes head-up freestyle to a two handed lunge overhead
  • Then two goalie backstrokes to a two handed lunge overhead.

5 x 100 on 30 Seconds Rest

  • Start each 100 on the deck with a medicine ball
  • 20 Medicine Ball Ab Slams
  • 25 yards in the water with the medicine ball
    • hold the medicine ball just above your head and move in one direction the entire 25 yards.
    • One direction per 100. You will work all 5 directions (Forward, Left, Right, 45° Left, 45° Right).
      • For 45° Left. Face the opposite wall like you’re going to walk forward. Twist your hips and shoulders towards your right side so that they are now at a 45° to the wall. Your left hip is now slightly pointing to this wall. Eggbeater towards the wall in this position. You’re moving towards the wall with your body at an angle and your left hip is slightly leading. Flip this process to get 45° right.
  • 25 yards with the medicine ball every other black line blast
    • Hold the medicine ball out of the water with locked arms
    • Work hard from one black line to the next. Then rest while moving with the ball in the water from this black line to the next until you reach the wall.
  • 10 press-outs
  • 25 sprint flutter kick
    • Head up and arms sculling out in front
  • 25 yards every other black line quick jumps
    • Five quick two handed overhead lunges.
    • This is quick. Recover as quickly as possible and lunge as quickly as possible. It’s all about recovering your base.
    • Perform at the first black line and then rest while moving forward skipping one black line.
  • 10 Lunges
    • Back on deck. Hold the medicine ball above your head and perform 10 alternating forward lunges.
  • Rest 30 seconds

Cool Down

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