Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 Sun Sentinel All Broward County Teams & Players of the Year

First Team Members:

Second Team:
Billy Bevil WA
Jamar Calixte CSHS
Jacob Harkins STA
Andrew Lopez SBHS
Marcos Pagella PCHS
Will Trybus FLHS
Frehan Wasif CBHS

Boys Photo Gallery:

First Team Members: See photo gallery link below

Second Team:
Giulia Badoco SBHS
Christina Bergamini CGHS
Kelly Gest CGHS
Sabrina Hoffmeister STA
Allyson Modrak CBHS
Gisele Monsalve CSHS
Natalie Mahalec STA

Girls Photo Gallery:

Parker Strickman Player of the Year

Madison Martinez Player of the Year:

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