Friday, May 19, 2017

Ackerson & Straub Honored @Breakfast of Champions

Lake Brantley's Nguygen nominated as Scholar Athlete of the Year

Breakfast of Champions highlights top athletes in Seminole County

    By Zach Aldridge, Spectrum Sports
Last Updated: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 3:14 PM EDT

An impressive group of athletes filled up the room inside the Lake Mary Events Center for the Seminole County Breakfast of Champions Tuesday morning.. Thirty-three student athletes and one coach were honored, the best of the best in one room.
“It’s honestly so cool,” said Oviedo sophomore Savannah Vach, the Seminole County girls volleyball Player of the Year.
“It’s amazing to be a part of something like this. Everything that we’ve been through, all the hard work we’ve put in makes it worth it when you get to come to events like this.”
“It’s nice to see other’s who put in the same amount of hard work,” said Seminole junior Ashton Neff, the Seminole County boys soccer Player of the Year.
While a fair share of the honorees won a state title in their respective sport, Lake Mary finished state runner-up in volleyball and it gives Diego Villafane some extra motivation.
“Getting second at state it makes me want to work harder and I hope everyone else here wants to work harder for next season,” said Villafane, the Seminole County boys volleyball player of the year.
“I want to come here next year and hopefully be the athlete of the year again, but this time with a state championship.”
For some, it was their first time being honored, others not so much. Hagerty’s Ashley Boddiford was named the girls swimming and diving athlete of the year for the fourth time in a row. Next fall she'll be swimming for the US Naval Academy.
“It’s really cool to see everyone else who is successful in other sports” the Seminole County girls swimmer of the year said. “Because since I spend a lot of time swimming I never get to see what everyone else is doing.”
With four individual state champions and a number of team titles, it was another banner year for Seminole County.
“Quite humbling to be in a room with so much time effort and dedication,” said Scott Waisanen, the Oviedo girls soccer head coach and Seminole County Coach of the Year. “They’re not just good athletes, they’re great students too.”
Breakfast of Champions continues on May 22 where Spectrum Sports will honor the top athletes in Osceola County.
The complete list of Seminole County winners is below:
Baseball Garrett Green Lake Howell High School
Girls Basketball Shania Meertens Winter Springs High School
Boys Basketball Ivan Smith Oviedo High School
Girls Bowling Katelyn Jones Oviedo High School
Boys Bowling Robert Poole Lake Mary High School
Cheerleading Brooke Bingham Lake Mary High School
Girls Cross Country Elayna Bahr Winter Springs High School
Boys Cross Country Matthew Doyle Winter Springs High School
Football Defense DeMarco Artis Seminole High School
Football Offense Gabriel Davis Seminole High School
Girls Golf Mimi Chen Lake Mary Prep
Boys Golf Thomas Allkins Lake Mary Prep
Girls Lacrosse Katie Williams Hagerty High School
Boys Lacrosse Nick Platt Lake Mary High School
Girls Soccer Madison Allen Oviedo High School
Boys Soccer Ashton Neff Seminole High School
Softball Georgina Corrick Seminole High School
Girls Swimming & Diving Ashley Boddiford Hagerty High School
Boys Swimming & Diving John Fulginiti Hagerty High School
Girls Tennis Samantha Maras Lake Mary High School
Boys Tennis David Gorshein Lake Mary High School
Girls Track & Field Haidyn Turner Winter Springs High School
Boys Track & Field Tyreek Thyme Lyman High School
Girls Volleyball Savannah Vach Oviedo High School
Boys Volleyball Diego Villafane Lake Mary High School
Girls Water Polo Dezirea Straub Lake Brantley High School
Boys Water Polo Ryan Ackerson Seminole High School
Girls Weightlifting Judith Mandujano Lake Mary High School
Boys Weightlifting Leonardo Gomez Hagerty High School
Wrestling Max Wohlabaugh Winter Springs High School
Girls Scholar Athlete Abigail Swisher Lake Brantley High School
Boys Scholar Athlete Bryce Nguygen Lake Brantley High School
Spectrum Sports Scholarship MaKenna Lehmann Hagerty High School
Coach of the Year Scott Waisanen Ovideo High School

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