Monday, October 10, 2016


Since I got back into the water polo groove after recovering from my heart attack in 2014 I've been to dozens of invitationals, tourneys, practices, club & hs games and I must say I'm very disappointed in teams (high school, club, whatever) who choose to buy water polo gear from anyone outside of our State of Florida vendors.

Naturally some of you will say, "Who is this guy to tell us who we should be making our purchases from?" Rest assured I understand your initial reactions but hear me out. 

I've been personally involved with water polo in Florida for almost 13 years and the blog itself is 5 1/2 years old.

In order to have our sport grow we must support every facet of water polo which includes purchasing our gear from Florida businesses. I strongly believe in this!

We have several companies who advertise in this blog so needless to say our goal should be to have a Florida brand logo on every Florida team's suits, caps, robes, backpacks etc.

Furthermore, do you think Speedo & Turbo with corporate headquarters located in the United Kingdom or Kap7 located in California give a hoot about you, your children or anything in Florida except for our money? I know for a fact our Fl. based businesses will give back to our water polo community, so lets help them grow! shut down the naysayers, NO I do not own those vendors in the blog and NO I do not get a kickback from them. ALSO.... I don't charge a cent for them to advertise in my blog. I will always promote any Florida water polo based business FOR FREE!  The only interest I have in these companies is seeing them become successful.

The excuse of better prices doesn't fly either cause it's far more important to develop our Florida Water Polo Brands then saving a few pennies. FOR ONCE Florida lets look at the bigger picture.

Let's make a commitment to develop & improve Florida water polo across the board.


  1. I'm glad you brought this to my attention. I never thought about it before and you bring up some valid points. As a club owner I will only purchase from Florida companies from here on out. Thank you for your insight. Love the blog by the way and keep up the good work, It's appreciated more than you know.

    1. Thank you, hopefully everyone will jump on board. Congrats on making a great decision for our water polo community!