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How to Make a Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Eating a healthy breakfast in the New Year doesn't have to mean a boring bowl of oatmeal. In this video, watch how to make a hearty banana-nut smoothie bowl that tastes just like the muffins, without all the added sugar.


Here are five more delicious (and healthy) breakfast smoothies.

1. Banana Smoothies 

Food & Wine:
In just a bit more time than it takes to prepare cereal, you can make star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's healthy breakfast shake. 

2. Açai Super Smoothie 

Food & Wine:
This amazing smoothie combines the nutritious Amazaonian berry açai and pomegranate juice.

3. Beet-Cacao Smoothie 

Food & Wine: Beet-Cacao Smoothie
Beetroot and raw cacao are full of vitamins and minerals, and packed with powerful antioxidants.

4. Almond-Espresso Smoothie 

Food & Wine:
This energizing smoothie is ready in less than ten minutes, making it the perfect breakfast-on-the-go.

5. Strawberry-Almond Smoothie  

Food & Wine:
Coconut water gives this dairy-free drink a lovely sweetness.

European Water Polo Championships Belgrade 2016


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Much More Than A Coach: Chris Bloese

***SFWPBlog received this email from a student athlete who's life, as well as others has been touched by Coach Chris.

South Broward High's Chris Bloese
Masters Competitor
Coach of the Year

Hello, my name is Courtny Cook I'm on South Broward's water polo team and I just wanted to share our teams annual tradition with you.

For years now Coach Bloese has been changing lives for her Water Polo teams. However, about nine years ago she really started to move the people on her team. Coach Chris is not only a water polo coach but she is also an amazing teacher for special needs children. Nine years ago a student approached her with the idea to have her students put on a production, which has become an annual play.  Coach Bloese thought the idea was so great but of course she needed some help, so she asked her players to assist in the production. That sparked a tradition not only at South Broward HS but with the water polo team as well. Every year since then the South Broward water polo team has played a huge part in changing kids lives. Lead by Coach Bloese, the team works together to make a difference in these kids' high school experiences. We work with them until we are a part of their team because they are just as much a part of ours. Even alumni from our teams in the past come back to be a part of this tradition. This year we are putting on the production Beauty and the Beast, on January 29, in our School Auditorium at 7 P.M.. We welcome all to come out and experience this life changing event. Our water polo team and South Broward teams in the past wouldn’t be the same with out this amazing experience that bond us all together right before season starts.

Thank You so much for your time,
Courtny Cook #4 

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The SoFlo Water Polo Blog encourages everyone to attend this wonderful event. Coaches put together a team field trip, parents take your children. Support SBHS, support their water polo team, support & applaud Coach Chris in her effort to make a difference.

Coach Chris, Elina Goldenberg & Ft. Lauderdale Coach Debbie Cavanaugh

During SBHS's Pool Construction Phase


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Happy Birthday Mario

Mario Tello


More Than Swimming

WaterSwim USA


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Anjali Ramkissoon: It's Not Called "Going Postal" Anymore.....

How'd you like to be a patient of this wacko?

Watch her in action here:

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Happy Birthday Natalia




Yet another superlative team performance from Hungary's women's national team provided the springboard to an incredible 9-7 win over favourites the Netherlands in the European Championship final tonight which earned them a well-deserved gold medal and qualification to this year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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Early morning workouts: 5 reasons to set your alarm

 Ever wondered why athletes often make sure they get in an early morning workout or training session? Let me assure you – it’s not only to get it out of the way for the day, or because we are all happy morning people! There is always a method behind the madness when it comes to sports training.

As an athlete my reason was simple, I knew that an early morning workout would positively affect my performance and attitude. Getting up early requires discipline and athletes with discipline are successful. After adjusting to the initial shock of opening my eyes before the sun was up and getting used to the routine, I realized that I performed better early in the morning.   My training stats confirmed my hunch – when I was a professional sprinter I achieved more during my early morning training sessions.

Scientifically it makes sense that our body is more efficient after a good rest and, as most people get their largest dose of rest and recovery at night, the morning is a time when your body is firing on all cylinders.  You may also find you are more focused early in the morning before you face the challenges of your day-to-day task list.  As a competitor, I also wanted to train my body to be ready if I ever had an early race. We talked about why competitions can help with personal fitness a few weeks ago and it’s important to prepare your body if you want to win a race that starts at the crack of dawn.
While you may not be preparing for your next race, there are good reasons for setting your alarm early and jump-starting your day with a positive jolt.  I love to take athletic principles and use them in the fitness world and this idea can make a huge difference as you work towards your fat loss and fitness goals.

Five early morning workout tips to help you get up & get going:



An early morning workout will free up the rest of your day and allow you to focus on the things you need to achieve.  I find that the clear mind I get from jogging gives me the peace and quiet I need to plan my day and to make sure nothing is forgotten.  Try using part of your exercise time to decide how you will spend your day so that you can make the most of your time.


We all have good intentions and I hear from so many people who say they always PLAN to workout but, over the course of each day, their time just fills up and they don’t prioritize exercise over the hundreds of other things they need to do.
How many times have your good fitness intentions gone to waste because your day became hectic, leaving you  with no time or energy to take care of your body? By getting up early and starting your day with a workout, your plans can’t be derailed.

Be Positive

Improve your mood with a natural rush of healthy hormones. Exercise promotes the release of happy endorphins in your body. Starting your day with an early morning workout will generate a happy, positive feeling that will impact your own life and the lives of people you come into contact with all day long.


Success and the feeling of achievement will help you to build confidence. There are few better feelings than accomplishing a goal, both in sports and in life.  By setting good habits and working out early, you are achieving a goal of being active. Confidence is a terrific byproduct that comes from determination and success.


Morning workouts can help you to burn extra fat throughout the day. By kick-starting your day with exercise, you are also boosting your metabolism and forcing your body to use energy to re-generate during the day. Exercise can improve your resting metabolic rate, which can make your body more efficient at burning calories.

Not swayed by my five reasons to exercise early?  Well, as I always say: some exercise is better than no exercise and, really, whatever time of day you can squeeze in a workout is fine.  Just so long as you do squeeze in the time to be active in some way every day!
I know there are a multitude of reasons why an early morning workout may not be for you.   My hope is that this list will help you avoid the common mistake of deprioritizing exercise as I believe feeling fit will bring a heap of benefits into your life.  Many people tell me that they feel a sense of guilt if they don’t start their day with activity or if they, once again, fail to fit in an after-work workout.   I also find that starting your day positively by taking care of your body can boost your performance in other areas of life.  By making your workout one of the first things you do each day, you side step the risk of exercise becoming a chore that you can keep delaying as other activities take precedence.
Exercise at any time of day can provide your mind and body with a life-changing boost. Just make an effort to be consistent and don’t let excuses stop you from being the best you can be.

Written by Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA. Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife.

Photo: Jody Moore

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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- The top team in the nation remains unchanged from the Preseason rankings as Stanford University tops the Women's National Top 25 to highlight the Week 1/January 20 2016 Women's Varsity Top 25, Division III Top 10, CWPA Top 10 and CWPA Division III Top Five Polls released today by the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA).
Following one week of limited action, the polls remain relatively consistent from the Preseason rankings as the trio of Pomona-Pitzer Colleges (Division III Top 10), Indiana University (CWPA Top 10) and Washington & Jefferson College (CWPA Division III Top 10) remain at No. 1 in their respective lists.  In the CWPA Top 10, the Hoosiers gain company as the University of Michigan becomes the equal of their Big Ten foes to tie for the top spot in the league rankings.
Voted on by a panel of coaches from the CWPA, Western Water Polo Association (WWPA), Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF), Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC), Big West Conference, Golden Coast Conference, Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the polls are compiled and released on each Wednesday during the season through the week following the NCAA Championship.


Defending National Champion Stanford University remains the top-ranked team in the country as the Cardinal lead the Week 1/January 20 2016 Women's Varsity National Top 25 Poll.
Per a request from the Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches (ACWPC) to rank a higher percentage of the women's varsity teams to be more representative compared to the number of men's programs that are ranked, the formerly Top 20 expands to a Top 25. 
The first 11 positions in the Preseason Top 20 remain consistent as the University of California-Los Angeles (96 points), the University of Southern California (94 points), the University of California (88 points), the University of California-Irvine (83 points), Arizona State University (80 points), the University of Hawaii (73 points), San Jose State University (67 points), the University of California-Davis (65 points), the University of the Pacific (57 points) and Princeton University (54 points) hold on at No. 2-to-11, respectively.
The No. 12 position experiences a minor change as the University of Michigan (52 points), which was tied with Indiana University (48 points) for the spot in the Preseason balloting, acquires sole possession of the slot.
The University of California-Santa Barbara (49 points) moves up one place to No. 13, with Indiana slipping back to No. 14. 
Loyola Marymount University (45 points), San Diego State University (43 points) and Long Beach State University (39 points) remain at No. 15-to-17, while Hartwick College (34 points) inches up to No. 18 after rating at No. 19 in the Preseason voting.
California State University-Northridge (30 points) falls to No. 19 with Wagner College (28 points) retaining the No. 20 berth.
The University of California-San Diego (24 points), Harvard University (19 points), Marist College (13 points), California Baptist University (9 points) and Bucknell University (4 points) rate at No. 21-to-25, respectively, with California State University-Bakersfield (2 points), Brown University (2 points), Iona College (1 point), California State University-East Bay (1 point) and Santa Clara University (1 point) also receiving votes.


Rank Team2016 Preseason PollPoints
1 Stanford University199
2 University of California-Los Angeles296
3 University of Southern California394
4 University of California488
5 University of California-Irvine583
6 Arizona State University680
7 University of Hawaii773
8 San Jose State University867
9 University of California-Davis965
10 University of the Pacific1057
11 Princeton University1154
12 University of Michigan12 (T)52
13 University of California-Santa Barbara1449
14 Indiana University12 (T)48
15 Loyola Marymount University1545
16 San Diego State University1643
17 Long Beach State University1739
18 Hartwick College1934
19 California State University-Northridge1830
20 Wagner College2028
21 University of California-San DiegoRV24
22 Harvard UniversityRV19
23 Marist CollegeRV13
24 California Baptist UniversityRV9
25 Bucknell UniversityRV4
RV California State University-BakersfieldNR2
RV Brown UniversityNR2
RV Iona CollegeRV1
RV California State University-East BayNR1
RV Santa Clara UniversityNR1


With no Division III competition at note in the opening weekend of the 2016 season, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges stays at No. 1 in the Week 1/January 20 Women's Varsity Division III Top 10 Poll.
The Sagehens (96 points) expand their lead to four-points over reigning Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) champion Whittier College (92 points) and maintain a six point margin again No. 3 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges (90 points).
Chapman University (86 points) and California Lutheran University (81 points) complete an All-California Top Five, with the University of La Verne (73 points), the University of Redlands (71 points) and Occidental College (65 points) rating at No 6-to-8, respectively, as the upper 80 percent of the Top 10 continues to be dominated by schools from the left coast.
2014 and 2015 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Division III runner-up Washington & Jefferson College (61 points) and champion Connecticut College (36 points) complete the Top 10.  Carthage College (24 points) also received votes.


Rank Team2016 Preseason PollPoints
1 Pomona-Pitzer Colleges196
2 Whittier College292
3 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges390
4 Chapman University486
5 California Lutheran University581
6 University of La Verne673
7 University of Redlands771
8 Occidental College865
9 Washington & Jefferson College961
10 Connecticut College1036
RV Carthage CollegeRV24


2015 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Championship runner-upIndiana University gains some company on top of the Week 1/January 20 2016 CWPA Top 10 Poll as the University of Michigan breaks out of a tie at No. 2 to join the Hoosiers on top of the league standings.
A ranking of the league's entire varsity membership (Division I/II/III), the poll is an indication of a tight race at the top of the CWPA as Indiana (94 points), Michigan (94 points) and 2015 CWPA Champion Princeton University(93 points) stand in a virtual dead heat for bragging rights as the best team in the league.
The remainder of the Top 10 remains unchanged from last week's voting as Hartwick College (86 points) and Harvard University (82 points) complete the Top Five at No. 4 and 5, respectively.
Brown University (75 points), Bucknell University (70 points) and George Washington University (66 points) rate at No. 6-to-8, withWashington & Jefferson College (58 points) and Connecticut College (46 points) wrapping up the Top 10.
Carthage College (11 points) also received votes in the poll.


Rank Team2016 Preseason PollPoints
1 (T) Indiana University194
1 (T) University of Michigan2 (T)94
3 Princeton University2 (T)93
4 Hartwick College486
5 Harvard University582
6 Brown University675
7 Bucknell University770
8 George Washington University866
9 Washington & Jefferson College958
10 Connecticut College1046
RV Carthage CollegeRV11


2014 and 2015 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Championship runner-up Washington & Jefferson College remains No. 1 in the Week 1/January 20 2016 CWPA Division III Top Five Poll.
The order of rank in the poll remains unchanged from the Preseason voting as Carthage College (95 points) stays at No. 2 with Macalester College (90 points), Grove City College (82 points) and Connecticut College (53 points) following at No. 3-to-5, respectively.
Utica College (17 points), which was unranked last week, and Penn State Behrend (16 points) also received votes this week.
Celebrating its seventh season of competition, the CWPA Division III group competes for its own championship and qualifies its winner for the CWPA Championship against the leagues' Division I and II member institutions with a bid to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Championship at stake.


Rank Team2016 Preseason PollPoints
1 Washington & Jefferson College197
2 Carthage College295
3 Macalester College390
4 Grove City College482
5 Connecticut College553
RV Utica CollegeNR17
RV Penn State BehrendRV16