Saturday, March 31, 2012

10th Grade and Under ODP Rosters


Arrage, Amar
Caparelli, Zack
Enslen, Connor
Grady, James 
Kelley, Blake 
Margas, John 
Wood, Maxwell 
Muxo, Mario
Nunez, Santiago 
Pascual, Maurizio 
Rehmet, Jackson 
Smink, Ivo  

Anderson, Nicholas 
Bogumill, Brandon 
Duarte, Andres 
Graner, John
Henao, Camilo
Hernandez, Enzzo
Lettau, Maximilian 
Pretorius, Roche 
Rizo, Jorge 
Strusinski, Jan
Tamborrel, Eddie
Walk, Mike 
McLachlan, Angus

Friday, March 30, 2012

Douglas Girls Clobber Nova

Rusinowski & Sadar Shine In Romp

Baring their claws the Douglas Eagles shredded Nova by a score of 15 - 7. With the games outcome never in doubt, the Eagles coach pulled captain's Mallory Rusinowski and Julia Sadar out of the game after half time. Rusinowski's brief time in the pool didn't cast any doubt on her pursuit of Player of the Year as she scored 6 goals before the half. Sadar also had a stellar first half dropping in 5 goals.

Aly Moser had four goals for the Titans (4-7).

Sadar                            Rusinowski

Cooper City Girls Rally to 10-7 Win

Benner & Aron 
Ignite Cowgirls To Victory

Sometimes when you're the defending district champs, return all your starters, have two of the top players in the county for their positions, you tend to assume things.

Like an easy win.

Problem was no one told Pines Charter they were supposed to lose, and they came to win. Pines jumped all over Cooper bursting out to a 6-2 lead at the end of the first quarter. Fortunately for the CCHS girls they came out of the fog, to rally back out scoring their opposition 8-1 the rest of the way for a 10-7 final. Serena Benner scored four goals while Emily Aron only gave up one goal during the 3 quarter rally.

 Cooper Coach Ross Benner said, "We needed a game like this. We definitely missed two of our starters in "Buzzy" Drew and Maria Pitt who were out, but I'm proud of the team". Adding, "We need to remember, every possession counts, lessons learned".

Cooper City girls are currently 9-3



Friday Schedule March 30th 2012


Pool & School Codes



Mourning  at
  Miami Beach 3:00

Gulliver Prep  at
  Killian 4:00
(MDC So)

Miami High  at
  Southwest 11:00


Gulliver Prep  at
  Killian 5:00
(MDC So)

Mourning  at
  Miami Beach 4:00

Miami High  at
  Southwest 12:00

Scores from 3/29/12

Kuzjomjin Score 10
Cowboys Still Undefeated

COOPER CITY 11, PEMBROKE PINES CHARTER 8: Brandon Bogumill had six goals to lead the Cowboys (8-0). Blake Kelley scored five times for the Jaguars.
NOVA 20, DOUGLAS 5: Anton Kuzjomjin led the Titans (9-2) with 10 goals and Gerardo Noguera added five goals.
ST. THOMAS AQUINAS 14, PLANTATION 5: Franciso Alvaro and Evan O'Sheenan scored three goals each for the Raiders (16-3). Michael Walk recorded 18 saves.

Benner, Silva & Moser Score 4 Apiece

COOPER CITY 10, PEMBROKE PINES CHARTER 7: Serena Benner had four goals to lead the Cowboys (9-3). Carolina Silva had four goals for the Jaguars.
DOUGLAS 15, NOVA 7: Aly Moser had four goals for the Titans (4-7).

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aquinas Boys Coast In 14 - 5 Win Over Plantation

Alvaro / O'Sheenan Lead Raiders Scoring
Arrigo Records First Career Goal

STA - Plantation 14-5

Franciso Alvaro and Evan O'Sheenan three goals each, Max Fons, Robert 
Stephens and Drew Burgs two each, Alex Rose and Phillip Arrigo one 
goal each. Michael Walk had 18 saves and 3 assists.

STA record 16-3

Cooper City Boys Win Battle with Pines Charter / Remain Unbeaten

Bogumill Hammers In 6 Goals / 4 Steals
Culver Saves 15 Plus 3 Assists

Cooper City kept their unbeaten streak alive by defeating Pines Charter 11- 8 in a close battle.  Sam "Culvinator" Culver once again played off the hook with 15 saves and 3 assists while teammate Brandon "Boom" Bogumill continued his consistent season long play scoring 6 goals with 4 steals. Matt Plunkett poured in 3 more goals for the Cowboys and played huge in Hole D.  Blake Kelley scored 5 goals for Pines Charter.

Ft. Lauderdale's Wigo family water polo tradition continues

Janson Wigo, making a bid for the US men's water polo Olympic roster, is the son of Bruce Wigo, former executive director of USA water polo, the brother of three-time Olympian Wolf Wigo, and twin brother to former Stanford star Darc Wigo. 
(Stanford Schwimer)

For water polo player Janson Wigo, opportunity struck before halftime in the opening match of the Four Nations Tournament this past weekend.

“The shot clock was down to six seconds,” said Wigo, who is aiming for a spot on the United States men's water polo Olympic roster. “I had the ball, and there was a drop, so it was my shot, and I just leaned to the right and shot to the left side of the goal, and it went in.”

His lone goal of the weekend gave the U.S. a two-goal lead in a one-goal win over top-ranked Italy in the March tournament, which is used as an evaluation tool four months prior to the London Olympics.

Any evaluation will likely be influenced by his pedigree, which reads like the hierarchy of American water polo. Janson is the son of Bruce Wigo, the former executive director of USA Water Polo; younger brother of three-time Olympian Wolf Wigo, the U.S.’ leading scorer in 2000 and captain in 2004; and twin brother to fellow former Stanford star Drac Wigo. 

Three years removed from his standout career at Stanford, Wigo’s next step is maintaining his standing on the U.S. team while training to earn a chance to represent his country in London. He left his professional team in Croatia to spend the past several months weightlifting, swimming and conditioning in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

“I’m the new guy,” Wigo said. “I’ve only been a part of the team for the last five months, so I’m just trying to get into the system, trying to make a spot. They make cuts in a couple weeks, so I’m just trying to play well in this tournament.”

U.S. head coach Terry Schroeder led the Americans to a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing games, a significant step forward for a national team that ranked ninth in the world heading into that summer. He’s limited to a 13-man roster at the Olympics, and considering 11 players are available that suited up for the U.S. four years ago in Beijing, it’s looking like an awfully tight squeeze for the available roster spots. 

Wigo is a coveted left-handed attacker, but as a 24-year-old, he's younger than many of the players on the team. The average age of the players who scored goals during this weekend's tournament was just under 31. 

“Wigo’s probably biggest weakness right now is his experience, so we’re really trying to get him a lot of experience while these teams are here and see how he does against them,” Schroeder said. “But as a young guy trying to make this veteran team, he’s got a tough road." 

Wigo's ability to contribute to the national team might be blocked by a collection of veteran attackers, among them captain and soon-to-be four-time Olympian Tony Azevedo, Adam Wright and Peter Varellas.

This U.S. team has emerged as one of the stingier international teams defensively.

“Coach Schroeder and Coach Lynn say that we’re going to win games through defense, so we pride ourselves on our defense and shot-blocking skills,” Wigo said. “We practice that more than anything.”

It remains unclear whether Wigo’s left-handed cannon will be called upon in 2012. But Wigo still offers excitement for the future of American water polo when the international careers of Ryan Bailey, Layne Beaubien and Azevedo are over.

And it helps that the Azevedo sees the same spark in Janson that he saw in his brother, Wolf.

“They’re both passionate, that’s for sure,” Azevedo said. “But Wolfy is one of the greatest of all-time in our sport, and Janson has the potential to be there.”

“With time, with a lot of training, with more games with us, I think he eventually could be a great player for the U.S.”

USA water polo looks for first gold since 1904

Four years ago, this veteran squad came four goals shy of winning USA's first gold medal since 1904. 
(Larsen and Talbert)

LOS ANGELES – Experience is thoroughly on the side of the United States’ men's national water polo team, which will travel to London this summer to complete the logical next step of its recent resurgence under sixth-year head coach Terry Schroeder.

Having earned a silver medal in Beijing four years ago that left the team with an accomplished, but gnawing feeling, after they had medaled for the first time in 20 years in a 14-10 loss to Hungary in the final to fall one win short of its first gold since the 1904 St. Louis games, this veteran United States team’s mission is clear.

“I think what’s keeping them fresh is they know that this is their last chance and they came so close last time, and they’re a little bit upset with that,” Schroeder said.

“The silver medal was good, but they know they’re one step away from where we want to be.”

Attacker Tony Azevedo and center Ryan Bailey are poised to become the first American men’s players to appear in four Olympic Games and are part of a group of six players who are on their way to playing in their third Olympics. At the recent Four Nations Tournament in Thousand Oaks, Calif., 
the Americans opened with a 9-8 win over top-ranked Italy, followed by a win over Germany and a tie with Montenegro in which the average player’s age of each of the team's 29 goals was a shade under 31 years.

As for the current configuration of talent and accomplishments, 2012 represents perhaps the last prime opportunity for a mature core that has forged together a dogged reputation to hear "The Star Spangled Banner" played at the medal ceremony.

“What’s keeping us fresh is that damn gold medal,” said Azevedo, the team’s captain and leading scorer with 17 goals at the Beijing Olympics. “We want it so bad, and we all have a bitter taste in our mouth from 2008, not winning that, and we’re back for more.”

It’s a team that has established a sturdy and stingy reputation on the shoulders of a trio of sizable defenders, 6-foot-6 Layne Beaubien, 6-foot-7 Jeff Powers and 6-foot-4 Jesse Smith, all of whom will be playing in their third Games. The team allowed only 31 goals in pool play, tying Croatia for the lowest total in the tournament. Though Serbia had outscored the United States by 13 goals in their group, the Americans held the Serbians to just five goals in a semifinal victory to set up their gold medal game against Hungary. In the 2011 World Championships, the Americans didn’t allow 10 goals in a game until an 11-10 loss to Spain in the fifth place game, their sixth game of the tournament.

“If we’re going to have a chance to get back to the podium and win a gold medal, we’ve got to be focused on our defense,” Schroeder said. “Merrill Moses in the cage is one of the best in the world, and if we can put some good shot blockers out in front of him, we’re going to do well.”

Peter Hudnut returns to the defense after a year and a half hiatus in which he earned his MBA at Stanford, while Beaubien is now two years removed from a back injury that required surgery and forced him to miss all of 2010. They’re part of a US team that sacrificed a year’s salary of playing overseas to lift weights, swim and train knowing that at last year’s World Championships, the final, the third-place game and both semifinal games were all decided by just one goal.

“That’s why every day we’re training. That’s why we decided – all of us – to sacrifice money and stay home and train full-time, because we knew it’s going to come down to one goal here or there,” Azevedo said.

The extra time together will allow the team to build on many of the intangible traits it hopes will carry it to gold in London. Based out of Cal Lutheran University and Oaks Christian High School in Thousand Oaks, Calif., the team had built up endurance through two-a-day pool conditioning sessions along with excess time in the weight room prior to welcoming several major international opponents to town for some pre-Olympics tune-ups.

“We’ve been swimming and lifting non-stop for three months, and we want to play,” Azevedo said after their win over Italy at the Four Nations Tournament.

Along with confidence, there’s also the analysis of what they’d like to improve upon in the four months of preparation leading up to the Games.

“You know, its consistency,” Azevedo explained. “We, sometimes, like we were against Serbia in the [semifinals], are amazing. We beat the best team in the world at that time  and by five goals  and we go back and lose by four to Hungary. So, it’s consistency. We’ve got to make sure that every game we’re here, we’re taking care of business and making sure that we’re focused.”

The expectations for this year’s team have matched the commitment of the individuals, as the United States  perhaps with a chip on its shoulder despite its steady upward trend over the last 15 years has finally reached the stage where a silver medal brings moderate disappointment. Ranked sixth in the most recent polls, they’ll travel to London expecting to win the country’s first men’s water polo medal on European soil since 1972, and the team’s first gold medal since Tug of War was an Olympic sport.

“I think it would mean the world to all of us,” Schroeder said of what a gold medal would mean. “USA Water Polo hasn’t won a gold medal for 100 years, so if we can do that, it’s not going to be easy, but I think we’ve got a good shot at it.”

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


All Girl Mini-Tourney At Cooper City This Weekend

Taking a page from the Big Kahuna's book, Cooper City girls coach Ross Benner has a put together a Girls Only Competition scheduled for this Saturday featuring four of South Florida's best teams. Contests include exciting rematches from last season's Cooper vs. Hills at Districts and Cooper vs. Dr. Krop at States Play-In.

 As French novelist Eugene Sue said in his 1841 book titled Mathile:

"Revenge is best served in cold water"
(or something like that)


Hollywood Hills High School
Cooper City High School
Miami Country Day School
Dr. Michael Krop High School


Cooper City High Pool
12:00   Hollywood Hills vs. Dr. Krop
1:15   Dr. Krop vs. Cooper City
2:30   Cooper City vs. Miami Country Day
3: 45   Miami Country Day vs. Hollywood Hills

This will be a great day to watch water polo with 4 premier squads going at it.

Serena Benner

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Our German-American Readers

Water Polo Website from Germany:

Scores for Mon. 3/26/12

Cowboys Stay Undefeated Behind Bogumill and Culver
Becker Has 14 Saves
Garcia Tallies 9 Goals
Martin Hammers In 6 Scores

COOPER CITY 13, NOVA 8: Sam Culver had 17 saves for Cooper City while Brandon Bogumill had 4 goals, 6 steals and 3 assists for the Cowboys (7-0). Anton Kuzjomkin had six goals for the Titans (8-2).
FORT LAUDERDALE 9, DOUGLAS 6: Hunter Becker had 14 saves and three assists for the Flying L's (7-3). Bradley Mullings had two goals for the Eagles (0-7).
FLANAGAN 10, NORTHEAST 7: Juan Garcia led the Falcons with nine goals. Taylor Stewart had five goals for the Hurricanes (5-4).
BOCA RATON 20, CARDINAL GIBBONS 13: A.J. Martin had six goals to lead the Chiefs (8-6).

Chavez Scores 7
Gargum and Herbert Get 6 Apiece
Rusinowski and Chmura Drop In 4 Each

COOPER CITY 9, NOVA 5: Kelly Chmura led the Cowboys (8-3) with four goals. Ali Moser scored twice for the Titans (4-6).
FORT LAUDERDALE 10, DOUGALS 7: Gigi Chavez led the Flying L's (7-3) with seven goals. Mallory Rusinowski had four goals for the Eagles (4-3).
NORTHEAST 12, FLANAGAN 5: Sahra Gargum led the Hurricanes (4-5) with six goals and Abigayle Hewett added three goals. Gabi Sheerer scored one goal for the Falcons.
CARDINAL GIBBONS 15, SPANISH RIVER 7: Sierra Herbert had six goals to lead the Chiefs (8-6).

Undefeated Cooper City Boys Trounce Nova

"The Culvinator" Stops 17
Bogumill Dominates Play

The Nova Titans were no match for the Cowboys 
as they were soundly defeated by a score of 13 - 8.

Sam "The Culvinator" Culver again put display in the net blocking 17 shots as well as adding 2 steals and 1 assist to his days work. Brandon "Boom" Bogumill dominated field play with 4 goals, 6 steals & 3 assists.

Anton Kuzjomkin scored 6 goals for Nova.


photo by: Kayla Lokeinsky

Monday, March 26, 2012



BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- 186 National Collegiate Club student-athletes garnered recognition on the 2011 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Men's Scholar Athlete Team.
Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors both varsity and club student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages of 3.2 or higher and competed during the 2010 men's season.
Overall, 65 athletes were honored with Outstanding (3.71-4.0) recognition, while 71 earned Superior (3.41-3.7) and 50 were recognized with Excellent (3.2-3.4) accolades.
The University of Maryland topped the team grade point average race with a 3.74 cumulative GPA, 0.07 better than runner-up the University of Florida (3.67). The University of Miami (3.62), University of Notre Dame (3.59), University of Pennsylvania (3.45), Michigan State University (3.34), University of Georgia (3.31), Washington University in St. Louis(3.27), University of Pittsburgh (3.20), Hamilton College (3.15), Monmouth College (3.06) and United States Coast Guard Academy (2.95) also exceeded the 2.75 team GPA necessary for inclusion as a Scholar-Athlete Team.
Outstanding (3.71-4.0)
Travis AddanteArizona State University
Travis DunnArizona State University
Orion SwansonArizona State University
Emily TimmonsAugustana College
Jenna OrabuttAugustana College
Kailey LewisAugustana College
Luke HarleBaylor University
Austin BrashearsBoston University
Alex EdisonBowdoin College
Hugo TranBowdoin College
Graham BoydHamilton College
Brent WareKansas State University
Ryan TaglangLehigh University
Evan ReynoldsMichigan State University
Drew StoffelMichigan State University
Brett DunnMonmouth College
David GarrettTexas Tech University
Steven SpratfordTexas Tech University
Christopher CliftonU.S. Coast Guard Academy
Eric BonomiU.S. Coast Guard Academy
Benjamin HendricksUCLA
Tanner PatteeUCLA
Stephanie RomanoUniversity of Delaware
Eric HoUniversity of Florida
Roger MontenegroUniversity of Florida
Travis CatronUniversity of Florida
Eisa Al NashmiUniversity of Florida
Chris MurphyUniversity of Georgia
Mike RadfordUniversity of Georgia
Kyle SmithUniversity of Georgia
Wilson CoutureUniversity of Georgia
Nate HukillUniversity of Maryland
Mitch BernsteinUniversity of Maryland
Cara ShillennUniversity of Maryland
Ian GlennonUniversity of Maryland
Mostafa NouhUniversity of Maryland
Jose MoraUniversity of Miami
Miguel QuevedoUniversity of Miami
Anthony KanelidisUniversity of Miami
Ray VivianoUniversity of Michigan
Sam RosenUniversity of Michigan
Robert Levi BarryUniversity of Michigan
Charles TaylorUniversity of Michigan
Peter DeJongeUniversity of Michigan
Stephen SinclairUniversity of North Carolina
James LiuUniversity of Notre Dame
Pat RaycroftUniversity of Notre Dame
Mylo ChengUniversity of Pennsylvania
John IbrahimUniversity of Pennsylvania
Chris WatkinsVanderbilt University
Nate SmithVanderbilt University
Scott FederVanderbilt University
Danijel PericicVillanova University
Sandor KovacsWashington University in St. Louis
Jim ParksWashington University in St. Louis
Timothy GreerWashington University in St. Louis
Pablo CuevasYale University
Matteo GodiYale University
Matteo GodiYale University
David SkophammerYale University
Keilor GilbertYale University
Dominic KwokYale University
Charles StoneYale University
Jack MontgomeryYale University
Keith RubinYale University

Superior (3.41-3.70)
Ryan BethellArizona State University
Jaclyn WilsonAuburn University
Catherine PittmanAugustana College
Yvonne SkrzypczakAugustana College
Emily MatuseskiAugustana College
Brian SandersBaylor University
Colin O'NeillBoston University
Andrew MatsasBoston University
Noah PerwinBowdoin College
James DenisonBowdoin College
Omar SohailBowdoin College
Tom YoungbloodHamilton College
Kellyn McCarthy Lehigh University
Trey SommersMichigan State University
Danny JenkinsMichigan State University
Karl SchwinghammerMichigan State University
Chris FalkenrathMonmouth College
Chad ConlinTexas Tech University
David HughesU.S. Coast Guard Academy
Marc McAndrewU.S. Coast Guard Academy
Andrew CutrowUCLA
Jackson SteinbergUCLA
Jacky KwongUCLA
Alistair FlemingUCLA
David TomajanUCLA
Kevin ConwayUCLA
Danielle LifaviUniversity of Delaware
Joshua HumberstonUniversity of Delaware
Greg DoolittleUniversity of Delaware
Matthew SheehanUniversity of Florida
Brian MontenegroUniversity of Florida
Christian KamrathUniversity of Florida
Jason MamminoUniversity of Florida
Kunal PatelUniversity of Florida
Tiago AfonsoUniversity of Georgia
Drew DuckettUniversity of Georgia
Graham KellamsUniversity of Georgia
Alex BallasiotesUniversity of Georgia
Stephen OurslerUniversity of Maryland
Evan MannesUniversity of Maryland
Allison PorterUniversity of Maryland
Hernan GonzalezUniversity of Miami
Alan GrollUniversity of Miami
David HiemstraUniversity of Michigan
Ian WatersUniversity of Michigan
Matthew WoelfelUniversity of Michigan
Kenichi OsawaUniversity of Michigan
Jack TurekUniversity of Notre Dame
Dan GeismanUniversity of Notre Dame
Jonathan MacArtUniversity of Notre Dame
Dan FallahiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Blake WinstonUniversity of Pennsylvania
Nabil MehtaUniversity of Pennsylvania
Carlos AlonsoUniversity of Pennsylvania
Omer BirgenUniversity of Pennsylvania
Theo DanciuUniversity of Pittsburgh
Harrison FisherUniversity of Pittsburgh
Emma KellyVanderbilt University
Stanley WangVanderbilt University
Andrew SchifferliVillanova University
Vlad LlarchVillanova University
Pat WursterVillanova University
Matt BrawleyVillanova University
Ian McDonoughVillanova University
Ben MixVillanova University
Elijah LowensteinWashington University in St. Louis
Elijah LowensteinWashington University in St. Louis
Sterling JawitzWashington University in St. Louis
Paul OrlandYale University
Dominic KwokYale University
Andrew NelsonYale University

Excellent (3.20-3.40)
Simon HoodArizona State University
Marc ArroyoArizona State University
Patrick GildayAuburn University
Daniel AriasAuburn University
Alex PutzAugustana College
Ryan LandgrenAugustana College
Tyler BussAugustana College
Aaron HoltAugustana College
Jeremy ButzBoston University
David SaxonBoston University
Spencer VespoleBowdoin College
Basyl StuyvesantBowdoin College
Peter RouthBowdoin College
Benjamin FieldsHamilton College
Conor CollinsHamilton College
Jeremy TrombettaHamilton College
Akshay GuptaLehigh University
Derek ByrdMichigan State University
Jeff SkalonMonmouth College
Steve CollinsMonmouth College
Joe TestolinMonmouth College
Tony MarinoMonmouth College
Gabe BaginskiMonmouth College
Taylor WhippleTexas Tech University
Payam MovahedTexas Tech University
William WeidmanTexas Tech University
Johnson KnoxU.S. Coast Guard Academy
Scotty KenneyU.S. Coast Guard Academy
George ThomasU.S. Coast Guard Academy
Kent HuntU.S. Coast Guard Academy
Frank HwangUCLA
Jake RichardsonUCLA
Max ScottUCLA
Christina BradyUniversity of Delaware
Kimberly TomlinsonUniversity of Delaware
James MadisonUniversity of Florida
John KimUniversity of Georgia
Alan CarrollUniversity of Georgia
Ricky Herrera University of Miami
Eduardo CastanedaUniversity of Miami
Juan LopezUniversity of Miami
Benjamin HubbardUniversity of Michigan
Chris JennisUniversity of Notre Dame
Travis BaileyUniversity of Pennsylvania
Arjun PaiUniversity of Pennsylvania
Jonathan LustgartenUniversity of Pennsylvania
Nick PeliniUniversity of Pittsburgh
Adrian ShodiUniversity of Pittsburgh
Jamie PadulaVillanova University
Joe SchaadtVillanova University

Team GPA (2.75 or higher)
University of Maryland3.74
University of Florida3.67
University of Miami3.62
University of Notre Dame3.59
University of Pennsylvania3.45
Michigan State University3.34
University of Georgia3.31
Washington University in St. Louis3.27
University of Pittsburgh3.20
Hamilton College3.15
Monmouth College3.06
U.S. Coast Guard Academy2.95