Monday, October 31, 2011

USA Men's Team Captain Tony Azevedo Chosen As Team USA Flag Bearer For Pan American Games Closing Ceremony


GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Tony Azevedo, a three-time Olympian in men’s water polo, has been chosen by his teammates to be Team USA’s flag bearer for the Closing Ceremony of the XVI Pan American Games on Sunday in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“It’s an incredible honor to be chosen by my teammates to carry in the stars and stripes tomorrow night,” said Azevedo, a silver medalist at the 2008 Games in Beijing. “The idea of leading this team into the stadium is humbling, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent an absolutely awesome group of men and women. But first things first…Team USA isn’t done just yet.”

A three-time Pan American Games gold medalist, Azevedo will lead Team USA into tonight’s men’s water polo final against Canada as the team looks to qualify for next year’s Olympic Games in London with a victory. The U.S. women’s water polo team qualified for London in thrilling fashion last night with a shoot-out victory over Canada.

“Last night’s game was amazing. I’m so happy for our ladies and hope we can step up and match their effort tonight,” said Azevedo.

A Long Beach, Calif., native, Azevedo currently lives with his wife Sara in Thousand Oaks, Calif. He is a 2004 graduate of Stanford University.


U.S. women’s water polo: the crucible of 2011

If, next summer in London, the U.S. women’s water polo team wins Olympic gold, it will be because of the crucible of 2011.

At the quarterfinals of the world championships in Shanghai, the U.S. women endured a brutal loss to Russia. Then, a couple days ago, at the championships of the Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, with an Olympic berth on the line, they pulled out an epic victory.

Rallying from four goals down midway through the third period, the Americans managed to tie the game at 8-8 the end of regulation. That was followed by the two standard overtime periods; no scores. Time for a shootout.

Five shots.



Still no winner.

Mind you, that was because the Americans — with one block — kept making shots. But so — with one block, by American goalie Betsey Armstrong — did the Canadians.

Brenda Villa, 31, an attacker who not only has been to three Olympic Games on the U.S. team but is the FINA Magazine female water polo player of the last decade, nailed four — count ‘em, four — shots herself.

“Just going up there to shoot — it’s for your team so you have to lose all your thoughts so you don’t get too nervous,” she said. “It’s just business.”

Finally, it came to this: 18-year-old attacker Maggie Steffens nailed yet another shot for the Americans. The Canadians missed.

The final score, and this was water polo, not football: 27-26.
The Americans converted 19 of 20 opportunities in the shootout. That’s just plain gutsy.

“It was crazy,” said Courtney Mathewson, another American attacker. “We prevailed because we believe in ourselves. There is no panic when we are down by three or four. I think we believed in each other and that was the difference.”

Adam Krikorian, the U.S. coach, said, “I told the girls this is the greatest game I’ve ever been a part of — maybe the most courageous, most mentally tough group of girls during one game that I’ve ever seen.

In the celebrations on the pool deck and afterward there was this:

Two months ago — it’s not clear the Americans would have won this game.

In Shanghai, up 6-2 in the third period against Russia in the quarterfinals, the Americans gave up five straight goals, lost 9-7 and then ended up finishing sixth at the worlds.

It was dispiriting and disheartening — and yet exactly, in a weird way, perhaps what this team needed.

After the 2008 Games, the women’s team switched gears, Krikorian taking over as coach from Guy Baker. The team, though, kept on winning, and winning, and winning — over the years everything except Olympic gold.

The U.S. women took silver in Sydney in 2000, bronze in Athens in 2004, silver again in Beijing in 2008.

Krikorian, at the beginning of 2011, put his charges through what was essentially a boot camp. He promised it would toughen them up physically and mentally. Physically, there was no doubt — several of them swimming lap times faster than ever before.

The loss in Shanghai could have swung things two ways.

It could have turned the team against Krikorian. After all, that loss was the first meaningful defeat for the U.S. team in a long time.

Instead — everyone came home and doubled down. Together.

All in. Players, staff, coaches.

With buy-in, anything and everything becomes possible.

In Shanghai, “I don’t think we were united there as a team yet,” Villa said. “Not buying in but having complete faith in each other. It showed [against Canada]. It’s great to come together and do that, and as we move forward it’s only going to get — our bond, it’s only going to get stronger.”

Armstrong, the team’s No. 1 goalie, added, “It’s easy to say now that we won this game that it’s the case but leading up to this tournament it motivated this time to connect. It’s almost a cliché that it was the best thing to happen to us but it is It was the motivating factor for us to come together as a group to work hard in the pool.”

Krikorian echoed, “When you continue to win, it’s easy to put things that are important on the back burner. When you finally face defeat and stare it down and chew on it for two, two and a half months, it makes you re-evaluate things, staff included.

“It was the first time during a game, a close game, in the last two years for me that I felt like the group had taken it over. It was actually out of my hands. That’s what I’m looking for. That’s what I want to see. That’s what great leaders do; that’s what great teams do. They take it upon themselves. They did it in four quarters. They held strong.”

There’s a break now for this team for November, and then they’re back at it again, looking now toward London. There are three weddings on tap this month — Mathewson, utility Lauren Wenger and team leader Jennifer Adams.

"All three of their weddings,” Krikorian said, and he laughed, “might be that much more enjoyable.”

Undefeated in Orlando

Congratulations to the Miami Beach International Water Polo Club in their first tournament. Undefeated for the GOLD!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Men’s Water Polo Team Crowned Ivy Champions

Cambridge, MA- The Brown University men's water polo team defeated Harvard 15-5 and went on to dominate Princeton 16-5 to be named Ivy Champions at the men's water polo Ivy Championships hosted at Harvard this weekend.

The Bears used the strength of Henry Fox's five goals, three assists and seven steals, as well as Svetozar Stefanovic's five goals, two steals and eight ejections drawn to defeat the Tigers in the championship game on Sunday afternoon.

Brown got off to a great start taking a 5-1 lead over the Tigers, but both knocked in four goals each in the second quarter to give the Bears a small 9-5 advantage at halftime. Brown's defense buckled down with the help of Walker Shockley's eight saves in the cage to shut down the Princeton offense in the final two quarter as the Bears poured in seven goals to end the game in their favor, 16-5. 

Adding to the offense was James McNamara with three goals, an assist and a steal, while Chris Culin, Michael Hartwick and Grant Villeneuve knocked in one each. Nick Deaver handed out four assists and picked up two steals and Culin swiped two steals.

Against Harvard, Fox led the offense with four goals, two assists and a steal while the Bears earned a 15-5 win over the host Crimson.

Brown shut down Harvard in the first to take a 6-0 lead after the first eight minutes of play, and built an 8-4 lead by the intermission. Brown kept Harvard off the scoreboard again in the third quarter and poured in four goals of its own, and then outscored Harvard 3-2 in the fourth to earn the win.

McNamara, Cyrus Mojdehi and Hartwick added two goals apiece, while Deaver, Villeneuve and Stefanovic knocked in one. Deaver and McNamara handed out three assists, while Stefanovic had a team-high four steals.

Leading the defense was Walker Shockley with two saves and three steals, and Andrew Brown had two saves and one steal.

The Bears will be back in action on Tuesday, Nov. 1 against MIT at Wheaton College.  The teams will play at 8 p.m.

Winning / SoFlo Water Polo

It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great players and great teams
want to be driven. They want
to be pushed to the edge.
They don't want to be cheated.

"I told the girls, this is the greatest game I've ever been a part of, maybe the most courageous, most mentally tough group of girls during one game that I've ever seen." Adam Krikorian, USA Head Coach

Friday, October 28, 2011

USA Women Take Pan Am Gold

USA Women Win Gold! Team USA comes back to defeat Canada 27-26 in epic shootout finish. With the win a spot is clinched at the 2012 Olympic Games!

Muscle Building Food: Chocolate Milk

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Muscle Building Food: Whole Eggs

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USA Women play for GOLD tonight at the Pan American Games. A win and they clinch a berth to the 2012 Olympic Games. Game time starts at 5pm CST/3pm PST. Tune in live at this link or follow along at Let's hear your support for Team USA!

This weekends Halloween tourney details

Gravy Bowl

Nov. 25-27, 2011

Host:Gulliver Riptides Water Polo
10421 S W 199Th St
Miami, FL  33157
Tournament Site:Gulliver Prep Pool
6575 North Kendal Dr
Pinecrest, FL  33156
Tournament Contact:Carroll Vaughan

Thursday, October 27, 2011


USA Men will play for Gold at the Pan American Games after 12-2 defeat of Cuba! Jeff Powers with three goals and Merrill Moses with seven saves in the win. Team USA will meet Canada at 5pm cst on Saturday for a bid to the 2012 Olympic Games. Go Team USA!

The USA Women's National Team will play for Gold at the Pan American Games this Friday at 5pm CST! A win clinches a berth to the 2012 Olympic Games! Team USA defeat Brazil 13-1 in the semifinals behind five goals from Courtney Mathewson and four saves from Betsey Armstrong. Go Team USA!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laci update

The Coronado Kid

"Laci has had an immediate positive impact on both our high school and our age-group programs. I am certain he has been missed in Ft. Lauderdale. His presence on the deck has been a great addition to a well-establish group of coaches and players. Our next step is to teach him "Cali" slang."

...Randy "The Zen Master" Burgess

Design of water polo team trunks inappropriate, says MICA

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said the Singapore water polo team did not seek its advice when they sported swimming trunks bearing elements of the Singapore flag.

It said their design is inappropriate, as elements of the flag must be treated with dignity.
The water polo team was wearing trunks which feature the crescent moon and stars from the Singapore flag at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.
MICA said it has spoken with the Singapore Sports Council and was informed the team is apologetic and had meant no disrespect.
The Ministry understands that under competition rules, the team may have difficulty switching to another set of trunks for their match on Thursday.
Under the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act, no person shall use the flag or any image thereof as or as part of any costume or attire unless approval is given by the Minister and there is no "no disrespect" for the flag.
Those found guilty of doing so face a S$1,000 fine.

SFWPC sending two squads to Orlando tourney

954 - 806 - 0481

The South Florida Water Polo Club located in Davie (Nova Southeastern Pool) is ready to rumble in Orlando. The club has two teams entered into the Fourth Annual Halloween Tournament,  SFWPC A (masters) and SFWPC B (juniors).

Other area clubs competing are Hialeah, Miami Beach International Water Polo Club, Riptides and the Great Whites.

For additional information on the tournament see previous post.

Orlando Halloween Tournament Schedule


....high school swimming districts/regionals/states will be over soon and we can resume full time into south Florida's number one sport of WATER POLO for the next 9 months.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PAN AM GAMES: Preparation and focus key for women's water polo

Maura Gladys October 24, 2011


“We’re a national team right now, we’re not an Olympic team,” said Brenda Villa, one of the United States most successful female water polo players as she ate dinner at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. Across from her sat Heather Petri, the only other female U.S. water polo player to have competed in three Olympic Games. Between them they have 6 Olympic medals and 5 world championship gold medals, but no Olympic gold medal.

Despite having one of the world’s most successful women’s water polo programs the United States has yet to stand on the top step of the podium at an Olympic Games. Their next chance to do so will come at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The first steps towards achieving that goal start this week at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Before heading to Guadalajara, the squad spent a week at the Colorado Springs Olympic training center to fine tune their game with exhibition games against the Netherlands and mentally gather themselves before diving headfirst into the international tournament.

“When you go to games like Pan Ams it can be crazy,” said Petri. “You get there and have one hour of pool time, it takes two hours to get to the pool, you don’t really know what you’re getting. At the OTC, we can do exactly what we need to do, so we’re getting ready with control on our side.”

If the women don’t win gold in Guadalajara, they’ll have to enter a qualification tournament in Italy next year, a much tougher route, made even harder by the fact that Olympic hosts England have already locked up a spot, making the qualification competition even fiercer in Europe.
For seasoned veteran Petri, winning Pan Ams represents a much easier path.

“I started playing when we hadn’t qualified, so I’ve done it both ways. You just realize how awesome if could be to do it first, to just get it done and be like, ‘Ok, now we’re going to be an Olympic team,’ instead of having that extra stress. I want to make sure we do it first and we do it right.”

The team’s focus could have been de-railed in July after losing to 9-7 to Russia in the quarterfinals of the World Championships in Shanghai, a stunning loss for a team that had just won the FINA World League Super Final crown in June. Leading 6-2 against Russia going into the third quarter, the U.S. conceded five straight goals to lose a lead which they would never regain. The Pan American Games is the squad’s first major competition since the loss.

“You never need to lose to learn new things about yourself, but it caused our team to re-evaluate things outside of the water,” said center, Melissa Siedemann. “We were prepared; we were in good shape, so it made us re-evaluate everything we’re doing in the water, out of the water, on our own, mentally, physically, emotionally.”

But Pan Ams has always been the team’s singular focus.

“We had maybe more incentive coming home from China, but I don’t think that really changed what our attitude would have been,” said defender, Jessica Steffens.

The U.S. is a favorite to take gold at Pan Ams, however, the team is not taking anything for granted.

“There’s really no point [in talking about London],” said head coach Adam Krikorian. “It’d be one thing if we were playing a country I had never heard of. But we have a potential matchup with either Brazil or Mexico in the semis and I know how tough those teams can be. Then, everyone thinks about the final, possibly against a team like Canada and we know how talented and how great they are. It’s not very hard to take your eyes off of that, and look forward to London, but you really can’t.”

That hasn’t stopped the squad from finding tiny incentives along the way.
“We’ll do little things,” said Villa. “Heather saw some London notebooks with pictures of London on them, and bought a few and gave one to me. If we see a London keychain, we’ll buy it. It’s for good luck.”

The team got off to a great start with a convincing 20-0 win over Argentina on Sunday and a 24-4 victory over Puerto Rico today. They'll round out pool play tomorrow morning against Cuba.

Lose Yourself in Water Polo

                  Opportunity Comes Once In A Lifetime


 You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To


From the desk of Nick Gaffey

The League is starting in a few weeks. Please distribute this flyer to
any players that you think might be interested in participating. If
your club team is not signed up, please encourage your team
administrator or coach to do so. It is free for teams to register at If anyone is around district
swim meets or knows of any kids or coaches that would interested in
joining the league please pass this flyer along to them. See you on
the deck! If this is your first time hearing about the league please
look over the overview below. Thanks.

Nick Gaffey
Sport Growth Specialist
USA Water Polo, Southeast Zone
(321) 356-9696

Polo in Every Pool!

USA Water Polo is working with the Zone to create a zone wide winter
league incorporating numerous age groups. Over and over again we have
heard from coaches that an inexpensive way to play is the main thing
they need. We think we have come up with a good structure. Below you
will see the basic proposed structure. It is assumed that changes will
need to be made as the teams, numbers, and desires of the coaches
become for clear. We plan on having a third conference call on in a
couple of weeks to allow coaches to help direct the future of the

But before that, we need the coaches to register their teams. Please
register any possible divisions you might want to participate in. DO
NOT have your players register yet. We want to get teams established
first. The costs are outlined below, and are remarkably low. There is
no cost to register the team, so please take the time to do so by
going to the league website at

League Proposal

The proposal is to run a zone wide league. The purpose of the league is:
1. Make water polo affordable for anyone that wants to play.
2. Give our top players more playing opportunity and an entry level
for new club players.
3. Provide a way of ranking club players in the zone to increase
excitement for club water polo.
4. Provide a way of ranking teams and awarding outstanding coaches and players.
5. Provide a meaningful reason to play games.
6. Provide structure to water polo that is present in every other
successful team sport.
7. Provide a means for new players and coaches to get club teams started.

League Structure
The league will have the following Divisions:
Open Men
High School Girls - Gold
High School Girls - Silver
High School Boys - Gold
High School Boys - Silver
Middle School Co-Ed
6th Grade and Under Splashball - 2 hands allowed, no touching, floats allowed

Each division will be broken into regions based on the number of teams
that sign up. Coaches will decide if they want to play in the Gold
level or the Silver level. Half way through the season coaches will
have the ability to move up or down based on how their teams are
doing. The goal is to have about 4 - 6 teams in your region. You will
play each team twice. You can then schedule games against teams
outside your region, either in a different area or at a Gold or Silver
level different than your own. Teams with a lot of players are
encouraged to enter 2 teams in a division. A championship will be held
for both Gold Divisions and Silver Divisions. All teams will be
invited to the Championships, and ranked based on their finish in the
Regional Championships.

Anticipated Regions - Georgia and North Florida, West Florida and
Central Florida, Broward and Palm Beach, Miami Dade.

We know some teams are going to be concerned with numbers. We would
ask that you register and get your players registered. Then we will
look at combining small teams to allow for a full team to be formed,
or combine girls and boys together to make full teams. Either will
work, and are up to the coach.

Month of October - Team and Coach Registration
October 31 - Practices can begin.
Nov. 14 - Games may begin.
Jan. 21 - Regional Championships
Feb  4 - 5 - League Championships

A conference call will be held with each region to arrange game times.
Teams are asked to host games if they can. The coaches in each region
can decide when the best times, locations, and dates are. Each team is
responsible for all costs associated with hosting games at their own
pool. All teams involved in a game are responsible for running the
table together. The host is not responsible to running everyone's
games. Stats are to be taken for each game.

The cost for the league will be about $23 a player. This will cover
all the playing costs for a team. Teams with a lot of players may
enter multiple teams at no additional cost (for example, a team with
22 high school boys might want to have a Gold team with 11 players,
and a Silver team with 11 players). In addition, players must be
registered with USA Water Polo. If a player is not currently
registered, they can sign up with US leagues for only $25. Coaches
will not have to handle any money or payments. Registration and
payments will be handled by the league.

A website has been created to handle all administration. The website
will be used to;
1. Allow coaches to register their teams.
2. Allow coaches to decide what division they want to play in.
3. Schedule games and referees.
4. Allow player to register and pay for the league.
5. Allow coaches to enter game and player stats.
6. Keep track of current standings in each division.
7. Provide parents and players a place to see results, standings, and
upcoming games.

Of importance is that the website will be available as a recruiting
tool. Coaches can send potential new players to the website to sign up
and play on their team, a great way of getting new swimmers to join.
In addition we will be advertising the league and new players will be
assigned to club teams in their area.

Mikasa's New Website


Pan Am Games Box Scores

Carlozzi Coaching Canes

Hollywood resident Michael Carlozzi has been hired as head coach to lead the new generation of Dania Beach Hurricane water polo players. Team Hurricane founder and CEO Ann Plitnick took her time sifting through numerous qualified applicants before ultimately deciding on the popular coach.

Carlozzi a multi-year All Broward County Water Polo First Team selection from South Broward High & St. Thomas Aquinas had previously been with the `Canes as an assistant.  In June Carlozzi raised eyebrows when in a substitute role he took on the head coach position for the Sunshine State Games leading the Hurricane 18 & under girls squad to a gold medal. 

Best Wishes Paisan 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

USA Women Win

USA Women open Pan American Games with 20-0 defeat of Argentina. 4 goals for Annika Dries lead the offense that saw nine different players score. Betsey Armstrong and Tumua Anae combined for 10 saves. Puerto Rico up next tomorrow. Men start at 2:30pm cst against Veneuzela live updates at!/usawp

Watch Pan Am Water Polo Live

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coach Istvan Resigns From SFWPC

Local water polo pioneer Istvan Csendes has resigned from his position with the South Florida Water Polo Club he co-founded over 10 years ago.

In true entrepreneurial spirit Coach Ish will be raising the bar in water polo training & development with his new organization the Fort Lauderdale Beach Water Polo Club.

FLBWPC will kick off 2012 with International Water Polo Camps available in South Florida as well as opportunities to travel to Hungary and learn from the world's best water polo players. The advanced programs which have developed countless south Florida water polo stars including numerous students currently in college on scholarships will be offered for every age group.

Born in Hungary Csendes will also expand his Hungarian Water Polo School which he created at his former club. The school is for ages of 10 or younger boys & girls  
and mirrors the model of the Hungarian developmental water polo system. In this 
program, boys and girls learn to swim and all other necessary aquatic skills 
along with ball handling and the basic fundamentals of the game of water polo .

For more information call 954-394-9300

Thursday, October 20, 2011


BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- The University of Southern California continues to hold the top spot in the Week 5/October 20 Men's National Collegiate Club Top 20 Poll as the Pacific Coast Division regular-season champion Trojans received 100 points to once again rate as a unanimous choice as the best men's collegiate club program through five weeks of competition.
In the wake of the Texas and Sierra Pacific Division Championships, the Top 10 positions in the poll changed dramatically with the University of California-Los Angeles(90 points) jumping three places to No. 2 and Michigan State University (88 points) rising one spot to No. 3.
University of California-Santa Cruz (82 points) experienced the largest improvement improving nine positions to No. 4 in the aftermath of the Banana Slugs capturing the program's first Sierra Pacific Division Championship. California State University-Chico(79 points) falls back two places to No. 5, with the University of California-San Diego (75 points) inching up to No. 6.
Arizona State University (63 points) and University of California-Davis (63 points) stand tied at No. 7, with California Polytechnic State University (59 points) and University of California-Berkeley (56 points) rounding out the Top 10.
The University of Utah (46 points) begins the final 10 spots in the Top 20 at No. 11.  Texas Tech University (40 points), which was unranked a week ago before winning the Texas Division crown, breaks into the Top 20 at No. 12, with the University of Oregon (34 points) and Columbia University (33 points) following in the 13th and 14th positions.
Lindenwood University (30 points) and University of Central Florida (30 points) are tied at No. 15, while Yale University (24 points), Indiana University (23 points), University of Michigan (13 points) and Florida State University (5 points) complete the Top 20.



Week 4 Poll


1 University of Southern California1100
2 University of California-Los Angeles590
3 Michigan State University488
4 University of California-Santa Cruz13 (T)82
5 California State University-Chico379
6 University of California-San Diego775
7 (T) University of California-Davis663
7 (T) Arizona State University1163
9 California Polytechnic State University959
10 University of California-Berkeley256
11 University of Utah1046
12 Texas Tech UniversityNR40
13 University of Oregon1534
14 Columbia University13 (T)33
15 (T) University of Central Florida1230
15 (T) Lindenwood University18 (T)30
17 Yale University18 (T)24
18 Indiana University1623
19 University of Michigan2013
20 Florida State UniversityRV5
RV Pennsylvania State UniversityNR3
RV University of Texas82
RV Villanova UniversityNR2
RV Georgia Institute of TechnologyRV1