Thursday, September 21, 2017

25th Annual University of Florida Women's Fall Classic

The University of Florida is hosting the 25th Annual Fall Classic on October 28-29, 2017 at the beautiful Florida Pool in Gainesville, FL. The tournament is open to Women's College Club, Women's College Varsity, and Women's Masters Teams (Per UF Rules, each athlete must be 18+). Interested teams should email as soon as possible before tournament is filled. 

Sunny Gainesville, FL is situated 2 hours north of Orlando and 1.5 hours west of Jacksonville. 

Visit for complete details.

Venezuelan National Youth Team

From Derek Shoemaker...

Very excited to call Germany home for the next 10 months! Couldn't have asked for a better last weekend celebrating the life of Nick Johnson with my best friends! If you need to reach me... it's 2017, you can figure it out

Amics Del CN Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain


Coronado High Men's Varsity Water Polo

Eight Games Streamed from Men’s Collegiate Club Texas Division at Texas A&M University on September 23