Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Important ALS Fundraiser: In Honor of Magna

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Gabriel Heiber Bendayan

Gabriel Heiber Bendayan Personal ImageGabriel Heiber Bendayan Personal Image
In honor of my dear friend Manga
The background story of these two photos:

The first one is of Marcos Santos, or as we all knew him, Manga, killing it during 

his water polo years at UCLA. Manga was a first class athlete. He was an NCAA
 division one national champion, he played professionally in Italy, and also
 internationally for the Brazilian National team. A beast, let me tell you.

The second photo shows enough skin to thoroughly embarrass me, and probably 

make a lot of you uncomfortable. But how many hugs of ten years ago do you 
remember so vividly, that the warmth of that embrace has stayed with you as 
if it had happened only a second ago? That day, Manga’s team, UCLA, dominated 
my team, Bucknell University. As the ritual of shaking hands at the end the game 
unfolded, I approached my high school teammate and friend, Manga. In the 
swimming pool he had just schooled me on water polo, but now he was about 
to teach me a different kind of lesson. First, Manga gave me the big hug you can 
see on the picture. He then complemented my team's good plays, and encouraged
 me to keep at it during the season. My ever-smiling, ever-friendly buddy did it again.
 A lesson in humility, friendship, and above all, brotherly love. Truth be told, 
I was not surprised by his elegance. He had set the bar so high for himself, 
so many times before, that you came to expect it. Manga was an amazing human being.

I am currently training to run the Chicago Marathon in honor of Manga. 

Please help me in carrying his legacy. The funds collected will go towards 
ALS research, as well as, supporting patients who, like he did, are now living with ALS.

Every single dollar is greatly appreciated.