Sunday, May 24, 2015


Emily's In Mississippi

Follow our former First Team SFWPB's All-Broward County goalie as she treks across the USA.


***** As most of you know this blog as was created for basically one reason, to give the local kids exposure to college recruiters looking for Florida water polo players without violating NCAA recruiting guidelines.

 Here we have a promising young adult with a positive hobby that could possibly lead into a career. So what are some a-holes doing, they want to destroy him & his passion. Maybe Flower Mound High would be happier if this kid showed up with an AK47 on Tuesday and shot the place up. Then they could claim, "he's was nuts to begin with, he posted pictures online".

Anthony Mazur

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


FINA World Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy to kickoff on Sunday

IRSF, PR – The 5th edition of the FINA World Men’s Water Po
Development Trophy will begin on Sunday with the participation of 10
teams from around the world.

The event will be held in Tehran’s Shahid ShiroudiStadium from May 24
to 29 in two groups of five teams.

Group A consists of Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Morocco, Malta and Uruguay.
Iran, Austria, Guatemala, Indonesia and Tunisia have been drawn in Group B.
Uruguay and Kuwait will start the competition on May 24 at 14:30 local
time prior to the Opening Ceremony which has been scheduled for 18:15.
Launched in 2007, the FINA Water Polo Development Trophy gathers teams
from nations in Africa, the Americas and Asia where it is still not a
major sport, seeking to develop water polo on a global level.
Twelve teams that do not usually participate in FINA water polo events
are selected and invited to compete in this event, organized every two

The Kuwait Swimming Association organized three editions (2007, 2009
and 2013) while Dammam (KSA) hosted the 2011 edition.

Teams from Algeria, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Guatemala,Jamaica,
Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, the Netherlands
Antilles,Peru, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,
South Africa,Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Uruguay and Uzbekistan have
taken part in the event.