Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Niccolò Gitto

Budapest, Hungary

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Jody "Bawana" Moore

 On the hunt.....

The Hungarians Get Equal Time.....

....Ish & Jakob took offense to my previous version of American Goulash so I gave them the opportunity to present their recipes. Jacob's was a secret family recipe so that was a moot point. However Ish responded and here's a recipe for Hungarian Style Goulash.

Ish Goulash Recipe

 Slowly cook it on oil , preferably pork fat .. when its glassy , add the meat chops .. burn the chops a bit .. than fill it wt water , add full onion , garlic , and add a big leg bone .. start slow cook it , about and hour later the secrets .. Hungarian black pepper , red paprika lots of it .. salt , open the lid and let some water evaporate.. But don't forget its a soup ... so keep water plenty .. keep checking the meat , when the meat starts falling off the bone , add potato , carrot , some ppl ad quarters of cabbage , and really what else vegetables you desire .. on the side make dumplings .. when vegetables cooked its ready. The traditional goulash soup made from lamb .. but beef will do it

Ish's "Hunt to Table" Restaurant
"Opening Soon"

Old Fashion Goulash

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
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Seeds are based on order of finish at the 2015 National Collegiate Club Championship:
1st Position - Missouri Valley Division -
Lindenwood University
 9th Position - Rocky Mountain Division -
University of Colorado
2nd Position - Southwest Division 10th Position - Mid-Atlantic Division -
Pennsylvania State University
3rd Position - Sierra Pacific Division -
University of California

11th Position - Florida Division -
Florida State University
4th Position - New England Division -
Boston College

12th Position - Atlantic Division
5th Position- Big Ten Division
13th Position - Northwest Division -
University of Washington
6th Position - Pacific Coast Division
14th Position - New York Division -
United States Military Academy
7th Position - Great Lakes Division 15th Position - Southeast Division
8th Position - Texas Division -
Texas A&M University

16th Position - Host/Great Lakes Division Runner-Up

Friday, November 11, 2016

Game No. 
9:00 16th Position - Host/Great Lakes Division Runner-Upvs.1st Position - Missouri Valley Division -
Lindenwood University
10:102nd Position - Southwest Divisionvs.15th Position - Southeast Division2 
3rd Position - Sierra Pacific Division -
University of California
vs.14th Position - New York Division -
United States Military Academy
12:304th Position - New England Divisionvs.13th Position - Northwest Division -
University of Washington
1:405th Position - Big Ten Divisionvs.12th Position - Atlantic Division5 
2:506th Position - Pacific Coast Divisionvs.11th Position - Florida Division -
Florida State University
4:007th Position - Great Lakes Divisionvs.10th Position - Mid-Atlantic Division -
Pennsylvania State University
5:108th Position - Texas Division -
Texas A&M University
vs.9th Position - Rocky Mountain Division -
University of Colorado
6:20Loser Game 5vs.Loser Game 4
7:30Loser Game 6vs.Loser Game 3
8:40Loser Game 7vs.Loser Game 211 
9:50Loser Game 1vs.
Loser Game 8

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Game No. 
9:00Winner Game 1vs.Winner Game 8
10:10Winner Game 4vs.Winner Game 5
11:20Winner Game 2
vs.Winner Game 7
12:30Winner Game 3vs.Winner Game 616
1:40Winner Game 12vs.Winner Game 9 
2:50Winner Game 11
vs.Winner Game 10
Loser Game 14
vs.Loser Game 1319
5:10Loser Game 16vs.Loser Game 1520 
6:20Winner Game 13vs.Winner Game 1421 
7:30Winner Game 15vs.Winner Game 1622 
8:40Loser Game 9vs.Loser Game 1223
9:50Loser Game 10vs.Loser Game 11

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Game No. 
9:00Loser Game 20vs.Loser Game 19Seventh Place
10:15Winner Game 19vs.Winner Game 20Fifth Place 
11:30Loser Game 22vs.Loser Game 21Third Place 
12:45Winner Game 21vs.Winner Game 22First Place 
2:15Winner Game 17vs.Winner Game 18Ninth Place 
3:30Loser Game 18vs.Loser Game 1711th Place 

The tournament is not seeded by ability, since there is no equitable means to determine the respective strength of the teams. Too few teams play outside of their division schedules to be able to create an accurate seeding. Match-ups are therefore based upon the 2015 National Collegiate Club Championship results by division. The host region receives two automatic bids, one of which is assumed by the division champion and the other by the host site or division runner-up (the 16th position). This ensures the tournament host is always a participant.
Teams listed first wear dark caps and are home on the scoreboard. Host team always wears dark caps and is listed first on the scoreboard regardless of seed.


1st -
9th -
2nd -
10th -
3rd -11th -
4th -12th -
5th -13th (T) -
6th -13th (T) -
7th -15th (T) -
8th -15th (T) -


First TeamSecond Team 

  Most Valuable Player - Outstanding Coach -